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At the rate at which technology is evolving, the way we interact with our structures is always advancing.

It becomes critical for systems integrators to plan for the future.  It all starts with...


  • Infrastructure/ Network

    Infrastructure is a critical part of every structure design.  We always present our clients with the latest wiring infrastructure packages. These wiring packages consist of structured wire bundles, comprised of data, communication (and sometimes fiber optic cable) that are run and terminated to the designated location per the design. This advanced wiring provides an infrastructure that can accommodate any developments in data transmission today and help to "future proof" the location.

  • Lighting Control

    Lighting control has come a long way.  Lighting control systems not only enhance the comfort level of a space, which leads to increases in productivity in a commercial environment, they also provide an enhanced ambiance in a residential setting while entertaining or relaxing, which can also save you money.


    Did you know a dimmer automatically saves 4-9% in electricity—even at the highest lighting levels—over a standard on-off switch?  When users choose to dim their lights, even more electricity is saved. Quite simply, the more you dim, the more you save.  A standard light switch only saves electricity in the “off” position.  Now combine this with occupancy sensors and exterior and interior light monitoring, and your energy savings could exceed 50% as well as the life of the hardware being extended greatly.


    Whether you are watching TV, dining, or entertaining, one press of a button can create the ideal atmosphere you desire.  Through our solutions, better lighting not only can reduce the energy consumption of a room, it can also improve the quality of life for its occupants.

  • HVAC

    When it comes to your family or staff, you want dependable air conditioning and heating systems that provide you with value as well as comfort.  Getting control over your HVAC system means reduced energy bills.  For example, say you head out to work one morning and the temperature falls or rises throughout the day.  Your system can take this into account and adjust the temperature accordingly so that you are not heating or cooling an empty location, but are still able to come back to a home ready for you.


    Now combine this with occupancy sensors, exterior temperature monitoring, and a Home Control system and the energy savings could be greatly improved as well as the life of the system itself being extended.  Through our solutions, smart climate control can not only reduce the energy consumption of a structure, it can improve the quality of life for its occupants.

  • Window Treatments

    Windows plays an important part in the design element of any structure.  There are many benefits of using Window Treatments. Not only do they offer you an extensive amount of privacy and provide protection from the elements to extend the life of the home/office items, they also reduce solar heat gain, thus providing an increase in energy savings.

  • Home (Structure) Control

    If you have more than one remote sitting on a table - we’ve got your solution.   Intelligent control devices put an end to remote mayhem, batteries always dead when you don’t have another set, and having to know which remote does what. Envision picking up one remote, pushing a button and watching as the TV comes on, the drapes close, and the lights dim, all while your favorite movie begins playing on the screen. You want to close the garage doors, easy enough; simply select and close them all while the movie is starting.  With a reliable & user-friendly device, anyone may operate any or all of the systems listed on this page.

  • Audio Distribution

    Audio Distribution systems send music to any room in your home or office via a control system. Control of your music is made simple and intuitive by a touch panel, iPad or similar wi-fi device, or for more basic control a keypad or hand held RF remote. No matter where sound is required, we designed each system to blend in with its surroundings in order to minimize the aesthetic impact. The speakers can even be invisible.

  • Audiophile 2-Channel

    2-channel (stereo) music systems are making a significant comeback.  There’s no better way to appreciate your music library than with a true audiophile stereo system. Music systems are more advanced than ever, with AC power regenerators, beryllium tweeters, PCOCC/Silver cables and more, and they have to be heard to be believed.

  • Video Distribution

    Video distribution means enjoying movies, television or streaming media in any of the rooms that are part of the system.  You could be enjoying cable TV in the living room, your spouse watching streamed media content outdoors while the kids are watching a film in the media room.  This enables you to have less clutter in each room as all the equipment is in one centralized location for efficient use of components.  This helps reduce costs by eliminating the need of cable/satellite boxes and/or Apple TV’s at every location. Control of this is made simple and intuitive by a touch panel, iPad or similar wi-fi device, or for more basic control, a keypad or handheld RF remote.

  • Home Theaters

    A dedicated private theater is a room in which the environment has been precisely designed & engineered to provide the maximum movie and music experience. From acoustical treatments for proper sound isolation to measured speaker placement, we go for optimized audio reproduction.  Theater seating is carefully designed to allow for unobstructed viewing of your video content on the big screen.  Interfacing to the lighting and drapery now completes the room for the ultimate enjoyable experience all from the push of one button.

  • Media Rooms

    Some of the most exhilarating surround sound rooms are not Theater rooms at all! They’re Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Master Bedrooms and outdoor Patios that serve dual functions. In fact, almost any room in your home can be recreated into a multi-purpose media room, concealing a hidden screen, inside framed artwork, speakers that descend from the ceiling, or rise from specially-designed furniture.  We work with your team to come to the perfect solution.

  • Board Room/Conference Room

    Video and audio conferencing, speech reinforcement, multi format presentations. We will design, engineer and service an integrated system for your boardroom, auditorium, briefing room or command center. Boardroom control systems let you control a wide range of electronic equipment (audio, video, projection, lighting, screens, blinds, security and communication) from one central location.

  • Streamed Media Content

    Streaming media content is a big part of everyone's life. We install media servers that will stream music, movies and TV shows anywhere in your home or business network from the Internet. We integrate this into your distributions systems and control is made simple and intuitive by a touch panel, iPad or similar wi-fi device, or for more basic control, a keypad or hand held RF remote.

  • Audio Intercom/ Video Intercom

    Intercom systems are a great way for people to communicate within any structure, single family homes, offices, apartment buildings and even residential communities. Gone are the days of baby monitors, as a good intercom system can take care of that for you.  The doorbell rings and every device capable of displaying video can show you the camera.  We may even be able to upgrade your existing audio intercom system to a video intercom system without the hassle of rewiring, all while increasing the market value of your property with the added security of a new intercom system.

  • Security/Camera Systems

    Security and Closed Circuit TV is an essential today for any home or structure, especially if the structure is not permanently occupied.  From the basic analog camera to enhanced IP based solution, you can have peace of mind knowing your location is covered in event of any intrusion.  We can also route your security system through a central monitoring system, alerting you via email or text message of events that you set.  If the temperature in your wine cellar exceeds a certain level or there’s a water leak, you and your plumber can both be notified. If they are integrated with your Home Control system, you can log in and adjust the temperature.  In the event of a leak, the system can be programmed to shut off the water.

  • Access Control

    The doorbell rings, your phones ring. Our entry systems can be standalone or integrated into your Home Control system or phone system, allowing you to speak with and or view the person on the other end, all with the music muted on the house audio system so you never miss a ring, no matter how loud you like your music.  You can record license plates and even keep a history of all visitors on your property if needed, and of course with a press of a button, you can open the gate or door to allow entry.

  • Telephone Systems

    Technology has evolved a long way so have in home/office PBX and IP-based telephone systems.  They provide far more features than plain old telephones. A central processor controls the routing of calls to system phones throughout the home or office. Phone systems can provide direct paging ability, utilize advanced mailbox features for each family member, double as an intercom, offer elaborate auto-attendant features, and allow roaming integration with mobile phones.

  • Remote Monitoring

    With a monitoring system in place, you can receive alerts for equipment malfunctions, diagnose issues, and repair problems remotely, making it easier than ever to manage your structures and maintain the most reliable systems possible. Each monitoring and support system solution is built specifically based on the home or other location's unique characteristics.

  • Energy Management

    With real-time monitoring, it is possible to see where energy is being used efficiently - or inefficiently - throughout your structure, allowing you to make the appropriate changes. Let our control systems optimize energy consumption while maintaining comfort.  We work closely with architects and builders, as well anyone who desires to execute such energy-saving ideas into their projects.

  • Architectural Finishes

    Providing an aesthetically pleasing system is part of the project. We work with the architects, decorators and designers to make sure all is good.

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